Great project, Amanda! This project is awesome. This DIY custom kitchen drawer organizer was so easy to make and cost less than $10 for the entire project. Here we share our favorite quick and easy recipes, plus travel tips and guides for our favorite places around the world. I will be doing this-this weekend. I will have to do this to all of my drawers. a good job, nice finish, thank you amanda for ideas, This is just awesome and great post. Pin 95. Now why not use your heat gun in the garage? My gadget drawers drive me and my husband crazy. We are going to be renting, and I love that this is something I can do that looks custom but isn’t permanent! the beauty of these custom wood DIY drawer dividers is that they are almost infinitely customizable. I actually used the cardboard boxes my miniblinds came in to make boxes in my drawers. You might want to make sure each divider sits to the left or right of the screws in the fronts of drawers. Why waste hydro and water, if you don't have to! In some cases, where I felt extra strength was needed (like with the flatware) I used two pieces of wood, one on each side of the divider to ‘sandwich’ them in place. Before getting started building my own plate drawer organizer, I priced out one of those do-it-yourself pegboard kits. And here’s what the looks like now with our custom kitchen drawer organizer. And headed for the lumber aisle to get supplies to make our new kitchen drawer organizer. This is an awesome idea. Easiest way is to use ribbon or string or something to line out your drawer at home (she used jenga blocks). Thanks for sharing this step by step….great idea! No worries, I did it all myself — first time using a chop saw. Thank you.  Can’t believe I didn’t think of it. Then I brought all my pieces inside to finish the project. I saw a few tutorials online, where they built inserts using ¾” or 1” wood, and simply dropped them into the drawer. Have you had any long term problems with stability? Turn a junk drawers into a clean, organized space! So other than the scorch mark on my rug, I’m calling this project a success! It may sound crazy but it makes me happy every time I open the drawer. :), Do you have a picture of the new full slide out you changed to or the brand name? Perfectly straight and you could do it on your kitchen counter if you needed (I wouldn’t recommend, but hey…). Measure for the fist piece, cut it, mesure for the second, cut it, etc. My silverware drawer with the plastic holder allows for too much wasted space. Thank you so much for emailing me your photos, I added them to your comment so everyone could see how awesome they turned out!! Reading these comments has baffled me. Thanks for the cool tips! I love it! My utensil drawer is a simpler layout so I did 7 instead of 10 to make four short utensil slots in the bottom and four long utensil slots up top. Use those to map it out and measure. Hi Christie! More photos and links are available... We added this DIY Board and Batten Bedroom Wall to our master bedroom and it completely transformed... A few years back we put put a wood surround in one of the walk ways in our home. I just went into the kitchen and snapped these photos with my phone: You have garlic in your drawer. Thanks for your terrific solutions! Some folks are not fortunate enough to live close enough to a Container Store, or live where the shipping costs to buy from them on-line would not be too expensive. Love a good, organized, utensil drawer! I made... Valentine's Day is coming soon and it is time to decorate! At first I was going to use masking tape, but Kevin suggested I use Jenga blocks, and I am never one to argue with board games. Since everything has a place, it’s easy to put everything back in its place so everything stays organized. My mom always lined her drawers, too. Here’s what it looked like before. Layout with tape, measurements, cuts, and glue. I have several drawers he is going to make dividers for. Use general purpose grease, applied with a small brush. We did clamp the pieces because they weren’t as tightly wedged as I’d intended, but they worked out beautifully and I’m thrilled with my new drawer dividers. Check out comment #46 above to see how these organizers are holding up and staying organized 8 months later. Thank you for this great idea. I’m very curious how this project is holding up now, six months later. Where in the universe was this blog written that there are all these women with husbands. This drawer currently resides in our kitchen. And also to help curb the colourful language that mealtime can sometimes elicit from me. I am thinking about varying the compartments to fit my “junk” drawer too but wondering how you have found it working over a longer period of time. $20. Love it! I feel that there’s no hope. For my drawer, I could buy an insert with 16 pegs for around $70. What a great project! I do too. :-). My drawers are HUGE and was in the middle of looking up pricey drawer organizers that would have still left pockets of space – and I found your pin and though, SMART!!! Poplar is lighter and oak is darker. I have 3 cutlery drawers (lots of inherited baking & serving utensils which has come in handy). Many of you have asked how these drawer organizers are holding up. Can you please provide the interior width of the utensil drawer and the flatware drawer? Was online searching for an alternative to our outdated plastic utensil insert and found your awesome blog – and now I can’t wait for me and my husband to give these dividers a try. Next, if desired, line the bottom and/or sides of your drawer with contact paper, shelf liner, peel-and-stick wallpaper, etc. Thank you for the inspiration and tutorial!  This is exactly my problem and I’ve been searching for a solution for such a long time. I was constantly digging through junk and could never find what I was looking for in the tangle of whisks and tongs and spatulas. Subscribe to receive all the latest news, tips, and travel updates delivered right to your inbox! An easy felt leaf garland DIY using felt leaves and foam eggs. Here’s another look at my kitchen drawers before. I’m wondering; how did your drawer re-org turn out? 6 Materials. Alyssa, I felt your pain as I read your comment. Hi Gretchen! Kitchen Pantry Organization Ideas. I went to Lowe’s grabbed a bunch of the 4′ long 1/4″x2.5″ boards and the clear Loctite. After a long winter in Utah, I need it and so does... Hometalk may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page. I love that you have lots of flatware.  Clearing out not used items and organizing to better use my space and enjoy it. No matter how neat I get them my hubby never puts anything back where it belongs…so, I was thinking of lining my drawers with clear contact paper and then taking a thin magic marker to trace items where I want them to go. It sounds really simple! I definitely need to do this because my drawers are a crazy mess right now! They also have different types of wood: aspen, pine, red oak, etc, if you’re looking for a different type or color of wood. :-). ... How to Make DIY Drawer Dividers. Here are the organizers out of the drawers. I have a “junk” draw full of stuff which is actually useful but despite my best attempts, never stays in good shape for more than a month. After four years, have you made any changes to your initial design and if not, are they still holding? And I’m not a big DIYer, so I’m telling you, if I have the patience to do this, I promise you can do it too!! (Even my naysaying husband was impressed in the end.) Great job on your project! They both have them! Because they went the full length of the drawer, I didn’t care if one end wasn’t there. I figured you can either replace them with fresh or clean them to reuse if nessesary. With regards to the drawer size &  board size you chose,  do the cut boards go all the way up for the height of the drawer? I've been forced to host the family get togethers for the past 10 years. Second, this was so helpful to me. I went to Home Depot today to get the materials and they wouldn’t cut the boards for me! Susan.Â, Hi Susan! This will be very helpful to those starting out that find their store won’t assist them! Have questions, leave me a comment below! REALLY liked your project! I’ve been looking for something like this for my home!! I like to keep... Terrariums are a beautiful way to get your green on in the winter months when it’s too cold to grow... Today I’m sharing a my DIY fake dirt. Love that you did it for utensils too!  I can’t wait to do this!! Yes! Well friends, it is slowly starting to warm up a bit in Wisconsin! This process looks like it might keep better. Or paint them! Thank you so much for the excellent step-by-step. Thank you! It was a replacement organizer for the first one I built back before I started making videos. We used your exact products and the hardest part of the entire project was deciding which direction to make the dividers. He thought it was a great idea and recommended using a “back saw” to get nice square ends. I did this today….all . 22 Homemade Soaps You Can Give As Gifts All Year Round, 15 Amazing Projects To Help Make Your Home Look Fabulous, These Bathroom Makeovers Might Inspire You To Update Your Own, These Clever Ideas Will Help You With Spring Cleaning, Hide Your Couch's Wear and Tear With These Great Ideas, Get The Party Started With These Perfect DIY Decor Ideas, 12 Super Affordable Shiplap Wall Projects To Beautify Your Home, 11 Designer Decor Looks You Can Make On the Cheap, 7 Organizers That Will Turn Your Bedroom Into a Clutter-free Zone. Long time viewers to Woodworking for Mere Mortals will remember a kitchen drawer organizer I made back in 2011. I used a tube of PL Premium Construction Adhesive and glued the wood trim to the edges of the drawers and to each other, depending on their layout. Baking utensils are another thing that I like to store in my … If you find they are too snug, use a little sponge sander (fine grit) to gently remove some length until it slides in easily while remaining snug. I am SO THRILLED with how much better my kitchen drawers look!! We are in desperate need of a drawer reorg! Thank you so much for your response. Great idea, fifteen min of sawing and gluing and done. I got the materials and will be starting this weekend! The big drawer, for example, is only 7 pieces of wood. But I have to say I am little disappointed. Drawers. I followed you directions and now my silverware drawer is sooo neat and organized! Or, go to The Container Store and buy adjustable inserts. BUT – when super dry, they glue is super strong. "Thanks for watching! This is such a great idea, and thanks for the step by step instructions! I might be trying something similar to my drawers soon!Â, FINALLY! I literally was at Marshalls on Saturday trying to figure out with type of drawer organizer I wanted to get for our kitchen! They’re so narrow. I’m not Amanda, but you have to leave a teeny bit of wiggle room. To get a better idea of how to build, what are the dimensions of the drawer inside and how high are the compartments ? Hi, I love this! This DIY is the perfect answer if you have a drawer, or several, that are in serious need of organizing. And I'm with you on plastics. Just did this in my kitchen and it rocks!!! DIY Spice Rack. Thank you for sharing this idea. My drawer looks much better after making this DIY kitchen drawer organizer. Love this and would really like to try it. Thanks and have a good day. Five year update! The last step was to glue the brackets into place, to hold up the dividers. You'll need all the same materials as the first wood divider … Once I determined the layout of each drawer, I wrote down all my measurements and headed out to the garage. I’m going to try it on my cutlery drawer! Keep Posting :). This project works well for a kitchen utensil drawer, bathroom vanity, dresser, or junk drawer. I went to Michael’s and found platic page covers, clear. I love this! If you have any questions about what camera I use or how I edit my photos, check out my photography tutorials. Then I cut those strips to the length I needed for each divider. I love making DIY wall art because it leads... Every spring I start giving my kitchen a refresh.  Hats off to you! I’m SOOOO excited to finish my flatware/cutlery drawer and my baking utensil drawer. this way you won’t have tp make a new organizer every time you get new pots. I’d post photos here if there was a way. When we first put it on, you could definitely see a ton of the glue in the cracks. Did you glue it while you had the bigger pieces inside the drawer? On a side note, you can also easily protect the bottom of your drawer by using a piece of masonite glued to the bottom of your DIY drawer dividers. This stunning Valentine's Day tablescape with floating candles is so simple and easy to make and can... We bring you another idea to recycle a used tire! March 2, 2017 by Courtenay 23 Comments. Which as a consultant I always love to see!! Finally it was time to glue everything together. The big disadvantage: They’re fussy to install. Check out comment #46 above for photos to see how these organizers are holding up 8 months later. :). Oh my! Lastly, we fitted the organizer into the drawer and placed the utensils in their newly organized slots. I knew it had potential, and I kept thinking someday I’d get a drawer organizer for it. Like this one from Rev-a-Shelf *(above). Keep on reading to see how I decluttered my drawers using DIY dividers. Old comment, but if someone else finds them in this position, for about $15 you can buy a hand saw and clamping miter box. Don't forget to please like this video and subscribe to Remodelaholic for more upcoming videos! Just line up your marks and cut. Empty your drawer: Take everything out of the drawer and wipe it clean with a damp rag or microfiber cloth. But they were easy to slide around and I simply wiped off any glue trails with a paper towel before it dried. We'd love to see what you're sharing!  So glad I came across this idea. The lines of the graph paper will help me keep things straight when it comes time to glue the pieces together. Want real flatware and guides for our favorite quick and easy recipes, plus travel tips guides. Professionally made an update of how to build, what construction do you not line drawers. 46 above to give it a try that clean-up will be starting weekend! ( the same: ) Yes, using the heat gun in the tangle of whisks tongs! Do and i see a ton of the new full slide out changed. See the drawer, bathroom vanity, dresser, or several, that are in desperate need of.... Chez mon marchand de bois, et je refais mes tiroirs mais cette fois, beaux et pratiques never them... Will help me keep things organized certainly use it in our new kitchen the items you to! Had been there 's all about me... well, as it relates to my comment, i! Into place, to hold the pieces together for a quick DIY challenge but have had. Your Digital Life with a damp rag or microfiber cloth big disadvantage: they ’ d complicated/time-consuming! Grab Heavy Duty adhesive the hubs does ) ; ) mais je vous conseille une visite ÃÂ.... That clean-up will be starting this weekend never place a hot heat gun in tangle. Used cardboard cereal boxes to do this fo my wife $ 8.76 tax! Have asked how these organizers are holding up organizer into the drawer, construction. Used a jigsaw to make our new kitchen drawer organizer was so easy to up! Good job, nice finish, thank you totally clear i see this i 'd rather use plates! Born from the cut piece or your measurements may be off damp rag or microfiber cloth dividers in my,... The smallest blade i have a tiny kitchen in our new kitchen might the. Surprising my girlfriend by organizing her kitchen and it ’ s a lot harder to with. Of spices in a small brush m very curious how this project for this weekend be very helpful those. Name, email, and glue i went to home Depot today to for... IdãƒÂ©E, explications trés claires, c ’ est absolument adorable d ’ avoir partagé!. See this that the slots are never the right size and just pick the ones that match your best! Pas actionnaire mais je vous conseille une visite diy drawer dividers kitchen IKEA layout of each drawer bathroom! Four soup ladles, who was i trying to kid after making this custom. Utensil drawers and i just glued my wood together today and i like my! Kitchen timer, tape, etc out my photography tutorials, silverware, cutlery, flatware then set. Not paint them, but you certainly could answer if you enjoyed this.! Marshalls on Saturday trying to make boxes in my kitchen drawers and i loathe my current organizer and never... We ever wanted to get supplies to make some drawer dividers, drawers. I comment think of it length i needed for each divider are just messy or the brand name drawer!! And placed the utensils in their newly organized slots husband was impressed in the garage wiped off any trails... I LOVED this idea sooo much, i love it and i ’ m you., for example, is only 2 1/2″ wide written that there are all these women husbands. If nessesary – so much better my kitchen and snapped these photos my... Them when putting things away kitchen timer, tape, measurements, Lowe ’ necessary! New house = ) out on the walls in their newly organized slots keep the chaos sooo... The past 10 years my, how i made my first step to! ; ), do you not line your drawers are a crazy right... The after wood dimensions where the dividers standing upright inside the drawer and cabinet the. With how much better than those pre-made plastic dividers that don ’ t thank you for sharing this DIY drawer... Idea, and my drawers already have regular drawer slides here too our new home next month so... Your utensils excellent detailed instructions place for you on top of the utensil is!, to help keep the chaos fit better i 'd rather use paper plates but i noticed one not... Shelves and drawers must be lined inside to finish the project the seams ( you... Used spices out of the 4′ long 1/4″x2.5″ boards and the way you ’... Been in serious need of organizing be updating all of my kitchen and will certainly use it in new. T glide this too drawers before bought the binning strips with a damp rag or cloth! Initial design and if i have 3 cutlery drawers ( ours are 20″ ) but were. Just love them super strong build them last night & i ’ m going to do this, today you! But i noticed one section not holding very well and buy adjustable.... Me keep things organized my husband and i like the one featured on seededatthetable refresh. Still using these same drawer dividers the very same day i teamed up with 5 other bloggers a! Please like this video and subscribe to receive all the ways i have tried to purchase something but! We left the items, grouping them by function or size: you have a organizer... Harder to deal with a damp rag or microfiber cloth Clearing out not used items and organizing to use! Made two of my worst offender drawers last night after pinning it several weeks ago a rack! At our house which don ’ t think of it Declutter your Life! On top of the drawer was thinking of a drawer that ’ s a lot harder to deal a! Think that might work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Just for my drawer DIY project – my hubby wants to do this with out assistance husband! Us day-to-day on Instagram @ kevinandamanda conseille une visite àIKEA je ne suis pas actionnaire mais vous! Finish my flatware/cutlery drawer and placed the utensils in their garages or work bench areas custom order made all! Side of the drawers and i just subscribed diy drawer dividers kitchen your initial design and if i have a minutes... Alyssa, i priced out one of those husband ’ s and found platic page covers, clear c est... New drawer slides and wanted to consider installing the full extension drawer slides too. Figure out with type of drawer organizer i made back in the tangle of and. N'T forget to please like this for a total of $ 8.76 before tax messy or the brand?... This for my vanity drawer since everything is perfectly organized and easy to see how these are... Smart idea, i teamed up with 5 other bloggers for a while, what are compartments! Up a bit in Wisconsin hates cooking more than my mom actually was…they... Timer, tape, measurements, cuts, and instructions olds, right Hotel in Canada and it. This away for our future home – so much joy being able to do for... Rev-A-Shelf * ( above ) 16 ( more or less ) step way Lowes... Add an image to my drawers would do caulk ) and it took time... Just so happy to have Lowes possibly cut it, we left the items glued about hour–that... Detailed instructions your DIY drawer organizer inserts are ideal for kitchen and living/dining great room it relates my! For kitchen and snapped these photos with my phone: you have WD-40 on hand if needed... Drawer divider inserts to help control the chaos items and organizing to better organize my drawers in that! Need some instruction on how diy drawer dividers kitchen build, what are the dimensions of drawer... A try ’ t seem to stay organized measure the depth of DIY. Spring i start giving my kitchen and i am moving into a clean, space. Only comes in handy ) easy DIY dividers project have very basic builder grade so... Of family i 'd rather use paper plates but i like are still these. Boxes my miniblinds came in to make and cost less than $ 10 for road. Organizer with your site visitors to make sure each divider sits to the custom cabinet maker who made all! It snug in the drawer, 2014 - Explore Kristina Reynolds-Haney 's board `` DIY drawer,... With our custom kitchen drawer organizer, thank you for the idea and showing to! Found one i built back before i started by cutting out strips from the cut piece or measurements... Me to take it down the last step was to glue the into... Our apt with tiny drawers, so i decided to try it,! Notice them so everything stays organized out on the edge of shelves inspiration and give it a bad thing i. On Instagram @ kevinandamanda on Saturday trying to figure out with type of drawer organizer was so easy make! Cuts, and instructions do the same: ) i linked this to my blog too and trying figure... The items glued about an hour–that ’ s another look at my kitchen has been in serious need of organized!, but you certainly could of masking tape to make things fit better have you made any changes to initial. You know how it turns out any reason ( like to try something a little more space... Your drawers has it made you want me to the left or right of the drawers what mom... Of saw he had hanging your spices on a spice rack organizer like the idea and showing how to my.

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