He tells Breanna that when he was a kid everything he got he earned for, so Breanna applies for a credit card. She wants to go to the dance but not until Breanna and Spirit give her a ghetto makeover. What's on TV & Streaming What's on TV & Streaming Top Rated Shows Most Popular Shows Browse TV Shows by Genre TV News India TV Spotlight. Meanwhile, Breanna makes a videotape expressing her feelings for Arnaz and mails it to him, unaware that she had a piece of spinach stuck in her teeth. Later, Flex and Kevin team up to confront Kevin's former employer, a gangster rapper, in order to get the money he owes Kevin. Flex is a ladies man and can't help but love to tangle with the opposite sex, but when he makes a bet with Stacy his boss to keep off of women for 3 days he has to learn to diminish his cravings. Unfortunately after he fouls up an interview with R&B artist Anthony Hamilton he gets fired forcing Flex to have a permanent job at the barbershop. Meanwhile at WYNX, Flex lands a high-profile interview that is critical to his plans to go national, but he's blind-sided by his sexy co-host Holly whose feminine wiles steal the interviewee away. Spirit states that she was doing a friend a favor. After Natalie brings him to the hospital she discovers the truth. But he is even more distressed to discover that she's emulating him. The following is an episode list of the television sitcom One on One.The series aired on UPN from September 3, 2001 to May 15, 2006, with 113 episodes produced spanning five seasons. Red: Mystro Clark. Arnaz gets jealous and Spirit eventually discovers that Breanna is her own secret admirer. Suddenly the doorbell rings and Arnaz appears at the door with the video tape in his hand. With a lot of negotiations Duane allows Flex to get the best car out of the lot for a really cheap price. Geraldine has fired the old producer Hank and hired a new sidekick named Holly to help Flex out with the Flex Files to increase ratings. It's Breanna's 15th birthday, and she's very excited. 4. Meanwhile Arnaz is excited about a record producer at the Blog. Breanna begins to see Flex, Natalie, and herself becoming one, big happy family—until she catches Natalie on a date with another man. Flex fears if she's gonna take Breanna with her but she says that he's got nothing to fear. Ginger then tells Josh but he doesn't believe her. Meanwhile at a restaurant Flex tries to contact the kids but fails. Meanwhile Nicole tells Flex that she's taking Breanna to live with her in Nova Scotia, but Flex says he can work it out. 5. "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Hip Hop World". During practice he seems a little rusty but in the last quarter of the game the coach puts him in and he turns out to be very talented at basketball. Duane's father returns for the kidney operation. Watch One on One Online: The complete guide by MSN. When Flex tries to get Duane to pay for fixing the car he refuses and they decide to take it to court and sue each other on "Judge Joe Brown's Court". Meanwhile, Duane pulls a fast one on Flex, who finds himself in a surprising new sideline. Breanna: Kyla Pratt. Flex doesn't approve but realizes he's just like him when he was a teenager so he decides to let them date. Flex and Nicole then come up with an ingenious plan to show Breanna the error of her ways. After the talk, Breanna and Arnaz comes in and Cheryl demands to take Arnaz, but he can't. Flex allows her to stay for a while but has second thoughts when Duane reminds him that he has had trouble in the past with commitment in relationships (Examples: Tonya (Mi Casa Es Mi Casa & Misery), Nicole (Thanksgiving It To Me, Baby)). Breanna decides to call Arnaz and tell him her true feelings but his answering machine goes on. When Flex's father suffers a heart attack, Flex sheds his reserved approach to life in favor of a much more adventurous one. Nicole comes back and announces that Jayden has gotten a job in Africa and she's gonna be living with him for a short while. Duane: Kelly Perine. In the series opener, Flex brings a date home, arousing Breanna's jealousy and putting a strain on the father-daughter relationship. In the beginning it works but by the next day she is used to it and still wants Flex, but he acts serious and tells her about the whole plot which breaks her heart. Meanwhile Flex and Duane go up against each other for the condo board presidency. Breanna's mother comes to town for Thanksgiving. Suddenly she then turns up at his door unharmed arriving from Africa. Spirit: Sicily. Breanna then tells her mother about the situation and she decides to take Breanna back to Nova Scotia forever to live with her. Featured Episode. Tonya: Tamala Jones. Meanwhile, because of the snowstorm, Duane is the only one left in the building so he tries to find ways to entertain himself. Flex thinks he can still get her but Breanna makes a bet that he can't. Josh doesn't break up with Breanna, but instead forces her to choose between him and Arnaz. When Breanna is named a “hottie” by the way-cool McKinley Pros and Spirit is not, the latter adopts a sexier look---and lands the Pros' leader (Nigel Thatch). Flex becomes jealous when his long-time basketball rival moves into the building and throws a star-studded Halloween party. When Breanna finds out that her friends are going to a club for ages (14-18) and figures her father won't mind, she decides to follow them to the club. Meanwhile Breanna's friend Natasha comes to town and she has a crush on Arnaz. One month later in order to find Nicole, Flex gets fellow news reporters to help him find her. They are stranded on the road until Angie Stone pulls up with her limo and decides to give them a lift. Josh denies this and he and Arnaz start fighting but then Breanna tells both of them to leave saying that she does not know whom to believe anymore. After trying to reinstall mini box and remote several times I returned both and got a new set. Flex, a single sportscaster, becomes a full-time dad when his teenage daughter, Breanna, moves in with him. They have a little minor "argument" which leaves Duane walking out the apartment. Worried that Flex will woo Stacy away from him, Duane follows them to the conference. Breanna then opens her locker and finds a whole bunch of flowers from her other secret admirer. What's on TV & Streaming What's on TV & Streaming Top Rated Shows Most Popular Shows Browse TV Shows by Genre TV News India TV Spotlight. And also Duane secretly sells the uniforms that Spirit made for him as a favor. Spirit encourages Breanna to catch Arnaz but she says its no use because she's moving to Nova Scotia. Spirit: Sicily. Meanwhile Flex tries to stop himself from proposing to Natalie, but she keeps dropping him hints. Breanna bumps heads with Nicole over her strict parenting style. Duane: Kelly Perine. Nicole then says that he has to choose between his dream career as a professional basketball player on the NBA or giving it up for Breanna. Breanna: Kyla Pratt. Flex then goes over to Natalie's house, explains to her everything that happened, and saves his relationship. Breanna: Kyla Pratt. Unfortunately on a parent-teacher conference Flex tries to hit on Ms. Odessa and Breanna doesn't like this. One On One season 1 episode guide on TV.com. Meanwhile that Flex is out of town Breanna and Spirit throw a party. Rapper Nate Dogg has a cameo. She asks Flex why should Breanna have a half-time dad when she can have a full-time mom. Duane: Kelly Perine. Meanwhile, after seeing Arnaz's passion for music, Michelle realizes she must follow her own dreams and enlists her brother D-Mack's help in dealing with their parents. Nicole struggles to get a new job in Baltimore. After Flex comes home and finds Breanna taking pics of hot young boys for a beefcake calendar for school Flex then decides to go to the PTA and argue over it. She is nervous and decides to quit but Spirit tells Arnaz to come over to Breanna's house. While planning the wedding Breanna falls asleep at Duane's and sees what her life would be like if her parents were still married. On the road Flex annoys them with road trip games and the kids quickly get bored. Meanwhile, Duane tries to avoid a customer he cheated. This time she feels sick. When Breanna's grades begin to suffer, Flex pays her a visit to see what is going on. She also tells Breanna that even though she had sex with Arnaz, Arnaz had told her that there was already a special girl in his life who he had given a special half-heart locket which is Breanna. When "Flex Files" has a chance of going national, their producer Geraldine convinces Flex and his co-host Holly to fake a romance in order to generate publicity and secure syndication, but things get complicated when Holly starts to have real feelings for Flex. A guide listing the titles AND air dates for episodes of the TV series One on One. 10/07/2020. Duane: Kelly Perine. After a talk with her father about love, Breanna talks to Arnaz having decided that they should not date until both of them are ready. We're sorry but jw-app doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. Turns out she and Spirit go alone and at the party Breanna tries to insult Arnaz's date but the embarrassment turns to her as she spills her drink on her dress. Breanna, excited to take part in the political process, ends leading a McKinley High protest against her cousin. Full Episode S 1 : Ep 12 - 10/1/13 ... intimate and revealing conversations you'll ever see with Hollywood's biggest superstars on Mario Lopez One on One. Stuck in Los Angeles for the holidays, Breanna and Arnaz try to get their roommates into the Christmas spirit whether they like it or not. Breanna lies to her father about a coed ski trip, prompting Flex to drive to the Poconos to find her. At school, the principal give all those teenagers a talk where they live but drunk. Arnaz: Robert Ri'chard. Note: This episode marks the final appearance of Kelly Perine as Duane Odell Knox, Sicily Johnson as Sprit Jones. So far all the people who try out suck except for one girl who just recently moved to Baltimore and transferred to McKinley. When there's a sale at their favorite store Breanna and Spirit want to buy everything there but Flex won't allow them to. Flex realizes that Natalie forced him to be real and she starts to like him. When Breanna discovers that she's the girl that Arnaz lost her virginity too this makes Breanna mad putting a dent in her new friendship with Charlotte. Flex is selected to appear on the MTV series “Cribs,” which showcases people's homes. Breanna: Kyla Pratt. Also on hand are Flex's buddy Duane, Breanna's aspiring rock-star boyfriend Arnaz and her best friend Spirit. After he accidentally injures pro-football player Michael Irvin during an interview, Flex is targeted by a stalker. Back at the mall Breanna, Spirit and Arnaz buy out the entire mall with her credit card, but when she can't find it when they go home she reports it stolen.

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