Thanks for the hint!! I quilted the second commissioned baby quilt. This way, you just sew a straight line where the two ends of the binding meet…so where the two ends of the binding meet, you make a little mark or pin, then unfold the strips and sew them right sides together…just as if you were piecing two pieces of fabric together. What size do you cut your binding? Should the fold be right against the quilt sandwich? I cut my binding strips 3″ wide, and I’m glad I did, as this is a little more bulky than a normal quilt (if you are really good at binding, 2 1/2″ will probably work for you). I don’t understand how it goes from that to the next picture where it’s completely finished. ⠀ Fold all the way down to the next edge. Beginner friendly quilt patterns for modern quilters. And think about your binding? I don’t think I’m folding them over tighter than usual. The pieces were all cut about 6″ long, give or take a couple of inches. This was so clear and easy to follow and it worked perfectly. I had a some questions regarding the zig zag stitches along the quilts edge in, Merry Christmas!! Jenn. :). This tutorial just helped me sew my first ever machine binding on a quilt. God bless u and ur talent. I was using this same binding method, except stitching in the ditch on the front of the quilt. […], […] If you are binding the play mat as I did, prepare your binding strips. I always have problems with my fabric edge. I usually have just enough to fold it over to the back, and just pull it across the seam line on the back and sew it down. Try it and see what you think! Glad I saw your video. Having stitched the binding […], […] machine bound it (tutorial here) with my go-to coral/pink Rose Bella Solid. Cluck Cluck Sew | Quilt pattern designer, fabric designer, author, blogger, and Mom to 4. Brilliant. I’m going to try on in reverse as you’ve done here. It has been so hard for me I almost gave up quilting. Your quilt binding is done so nice. Thank you! So do you mean it feels like you have too much binding, or too little? I must say that I enjoy binding more and appreciate your wonderful, excellent and precise instructions! Thank you for taking the time to show us how. The black lines on each side of the red seam line replicate a perfect 1/4" seam, so getting a perfect 1/4", lining up fabric, or even making half square triangles is easy. Got all excited when I saw the pins you use. Thank you so much for sharing you really made my day..working binding on my second baby quilt and your pictures and directions helped me so much.. God Bless and keep posting I need all the help I can get :). Print Fabrics: 63 2 1/2” strips. I do all my quilts this way, so by now I’ve become fairly quick at it. This is a great tutorial! Thanks for this wonderful tutorial – excellent pictures and explanation. CC. Hi, I have a question about something I didn’t understand in your tutorial. *** These tutorials can be used for your own person use, or for making things to sell in small quantities. This is last years Chris, Just in the nick of time I finished this year’s, I went a little crazy fabric buying with all the s. After a lazy weekend my house is a dumpster fire.. And just like that...time for Christmas! I just finished my quilt and am quite pleased with it. It looks complicated and its really hard to explain/take photos of…but once you try it you’ll get it. Just make sure to use the measurements I gave for the borders as you will want the block to be 10.5" square unfinished. I finally got a new Janome, I finally got a walking foot, and I finally got this! Choose a place to start, and fold the binding strip over until it’s PAST the 1/4″ seam line that you made sewing the binding onto the front and pin. Once you’re done binding, you’re […], […] for quilting shortcuts, I just learned to machine bind a quilt! I still love a hand-stitched binding, but I’m more confident that my machine bound quilts can withstand lots of washings and use from my family. The best part of this quilt is that it is made with just one block, and pressing directions are given at each step so the seams all perfectly nest together. I actually prefer this way because then there are no stitches in the binding on the front of the quilt! I thought my mom exaggerated when she said sewing on the binding […], […] FINISHING Labelling Quilts Add a hanging sleeve […], […] 10. It looks much cleaner than a lot of machine binding and the seam blends with the quilting. 2 white 41863. Sew hearts together using Cluck Cluck Sew's tutorial. See more ideas about Cluck cluck sew, Quilt tutorials, Quilt binding. Love your blog!!! The cover quilt was made completely from scraps! You can sew it on the opposite way, too, and have the bobbin stitching on the front instead, like in this post. Let’s say each strip is like a V shape (on its side) and you’ve pinned one side of each V shape together. She shared a machine binding tutorial a few months ago that was just what I was looking for. Binding: 1 yard. Use a walking foot. THANKS! It looks simple but we shall see. This will leave a line of stitching on the backing. I really need to bind a quilt for my brother. Its helpful to see the mistake too, I've done that…. Have you ever tried a 2 1/4" binding? […], […] finished quilting, trim the edges to make everything even and then bind it. Thank you so much for sharing. 4 grey. Thanks! I’m hoping to have a tutorial up sometime soon on binding, but until then, I learned everything I need to know from Cluck Cluck Sew. Thanks so much! It was definitely quick and easy, and definitely […], […] you are in a hurry, I recommend using Cluck Cluck Sew’s tutorial on finishing your binding using your […], […] Personally, I really like binding a quilt by hand because not only does it create a clean, blind finish, but it’s also mindless sewing and pretty much the only time I sit down to watch a movie or TV. Very fast!Thank you, Emanuela. I sewed along the edge of the entire thing, making sure to pay special attention to the overlapping back pieces so that the fabric didn’t get folded weirdly. Keep on sewing until you’re back at the start and you’re done! HERE and HERE. I was short on binding fabric…so I combed through my scraps and made a really scrappy one. If scraps aren't your thing, you can also make this quilt with print yardage, pre-cut 2 1/2" strips (a Jelly Roll makes the Throw size), or […], […] quilted this one myself, and bound it with my machine binding technique you can find here. Did not like the look of that. Is worth the time, doing this. So much faster than hand-binding, and it looks lovely. 5 coral I do tell them though that they can bend….. Yours is the first machine sewn binding that I actually like the look of. You could end use invisible thread on top and bobbin thread to match binding. For questions and comments please email us at I must really suck at binding. ;). Hi, this is a very nice idea. I also serge my quilt edges before binding. have used this tutorial for each quilt I’ve done- on my 7th! It takes some practice to not get any stitches in the binding…but by now I’ve got it down pat! I so understand now. I just finished my 9th quilt, and decided to try a different method of binding — for all of my other quilts, I've just folded the backing over to the front and stitched it down thinking that that was the easiest method. : ) Love it! Thank you! I couldn't work out why , when you turned it over to stitch the last and other side, , that there were 2 rows of stitching, and you pointed to just one row, saying.. stitch OVER this line…. 41862. Just tried it on a quilt I’m finishing for Christmas and it worked beautifully. See no stitches in the front binding? :) I'll have to give your method a try. but when I sew to the front, turn to the back, the back binding is always so much wider so my seam line on the front isn’t close to the binding like yours. I'm definitely trying it. Cluck Cluck Sew developed this tape to act as a guide for sewing diagonal seams without marking lines and saving so much time! I do love a handsewn binding though; somehow it gives me time to say goodbye to the process of making the quilt and embrace the finished item! I had some pink bias tape so I went with that. Thank… Thank you!! Super easy and it comes out perfectly every time! Fold the bindings to meet in the middle of the unsewn space, press with an iron or finger press…enough to make a crease. Twin. Kids have a hard time pinning and those pins really help. I got a new sewing machine for christmas that I am waiting impatiently for it's arrival. Was this a reference to Yo Gabba Gabba? I'll have to try this. […], […] Now it is time to bind the quilt! I do bindings almost the same but I secure binding with clips so I know my binding on back is last week lind. I think I'll have to give it a go on some smaller items first so that I'm ready for the next quilt! Stitched in Color had a very similar machine binding except with a zig-zag […], […] For your binding you’ll need 25.5cm / 10″ of fabric. It's frustrating. Any suggestions? Backing: 8 1/4 yards. 2 – Binding A Quilt With The Quilt Back by Cluck Cluck Sew. I want my site loaded up as fast as yours lol Thanks for the sharing with us …. I will continue to use this method–thanks again! Sew a binding around the edge of the blanket. Thank you! Thanks! A simple google search will […], […] Now, you’ll need to decide which side you want to sew your binding on. But binding a quilt by machine can be efficient and look equally clean and tidy. I know several people who do it well. I have a question about your "stay-stitching" around the edge of the quilt before binding. Practice certainly helps, but I’m finding myself favoring the […], […] then I had to learn how to bind the quilted halves. […], […] not be as pretty as hand stitching, but it will last a lot longer. Thanks a lot! I think I'd like to use this method. I've done it a couple of times now and it's very cool! Doesn’t that binding look nice on the quilt front?? Here is another great tutorial that shows sewing the binding strips together that way: She has great pictures of that part! Doing binding with frail edge is quite a challenge. Sew down the crease marks, trim (make sure it’s sewn correctly before you trim! What a simple idea, but I never thought of doing it! ⠀ here's the product: The juki only has a straight stitchnothing else. Merry Christmas!! I will do my own video tutorial on this in the future but in the meantime Cluck Cluck Sew has written about it on her blog (that’s where I learned it from) and Amanda from A Crafty Fox has done a video tutorial on it as […], […] I machine bound it with the method in this tutorial. If you’re a beginner who is mastering bindings…here’s my other tutorial on a Machine Binding a quilt. I am so in awe with your binding tutorials. I followed her instructions, cutting and joining 2½” strips. I have been machine sewing my binding to the back, then attaching to the front with very mixed results. My least, Purple Quilter Queen,,, Scrappy Strips Quilt Tutorial | Cluck Cluck Sew, handmade kid chess set {perfect christmas gift!} 1 navy. Thank you for this tutorial. I'm attempting machine binding for the first time tonight… need to get a quilt done by Saturday and I don't think I can get it done by hand that quickly… wish me luck! Click here for supplies: Jenny Doan demonstrates how to bind a quilt the quick and easy way. Thanks so much for this tutorial. I love this method and am not going back! It's not perfect but I know I'll get better with each project. I don't have the patience for hand binding and this method leaves a much cleaner look. It is clear and understandable and the pictures are great. I'm so glad it was helpful Ellen…and congrats on the new baby coming!!! Awesome post here…. Can’t wait to see the results! I combined this with another tutorial to complete my first binding today! There is a great tutorial on how to do this here. I finished it in less than an hour with amazing results. February 11, 2012. Then I lined one of the pieces up with the top of the front panel, and the other piece with the bottom of the front panel (so they overlap) — making sure that the right sides are out. This machine binding quilt tutorial will walk you through an easy beginner friendly method. I started this project back in January and then forgot about it. […], […] Using a bobbin thread that matches the fabric for the first stitch line can be handy for derisking visible peaking under the flap when topstitching, but it’s better to try and avoid the problem unless using it purposefully. A good way to avoid the stitches showing on the FRONT of the binding is to bind it the opposite way – attach the binding from the BACK, then pull it around to the front. Start sewing under the pin using a 1/4″ seam allowance. I've seen lots of binding tutorials, but so far yours is the best! She even shows you how to attach the border strips around the heart. Our love for Baltimore Album Quilts made during the 1800's was the inspiration for our American Album Blocks. Check out my blog…, Now if you could please post a tip on how to not get puckers in our quilts, I'd be ever so grateful! finished in no time !!! Flirt is in stores […], […] of 12 blocks (all five inch blocks). I used it on my 4th hourglass quilt using your tutorial. …then fold the next edge in half…. I've always done my binding by hand because I didn't like the stitching on the front of the binding. This tutorial is so helpful! Thanks again for your great tutorial. Additionally your web site so much fast ……! Good one! Keep sewing until you reach a corner, stop 6″ before the corner, fold the bottom edge up, then the side edge over creating a nice mitered corner and pin. I used this tutorial to cut the blocks and once again, I used Cluck Cluck Sew’s machine binding tutorial to finish the […], […] then followed Allison of Cluck Cluck Sew’s wonderful binding tutorial to make and attach my […], […] you aren’t already comfortable binding, I’m going to point you to this tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew (which is much better than anything I could write up.) I used this tutorial for the binding – I know I complained a lot about the machine binding last time I around but […], […] I used were in my scrap basket. ⠀ The cover quilt was made completely from scraps! I have saved it and I look at it each time to review before I do my binding. Thank you so much. King. Grab a layer cake in Backyard Blooms by Allison Harris for Windham Fabrics for a dazzling addition to any room in your home.

Finished size: 60" x 72" Rita over at Red Pepper Quilts also has a great tutorial you can find […], […] das geht, kannst du dir auch bei CluckCluckSew […], […] 2¼” strips but this time I wanted to try sewing the binding entirely by machine following Allison Harris’ tutorial . I’m so glad it works well for you! This is the best binding tutorial I have come across after lots of searching! I followed this tutorial to sew on the binding by machine. That's my preferred width, but it probably just makes it a bit more challenging. I am going to try it on my Christmas mug rugs. ⠀ Your instructions are very clear. I'm so glad Brooke! Thank you for the tutorial, still using it in 2017!! :)). Very easy to follow and worked great. Sew the binding onto the quilt FRONT first. Backing: 5 1/2 yards. Now I feel a little better. Then re-fold them and sew the binding strip down. I finally bit the bullet and looked for tutorials online. Print Fabrics: 42 2 1/2”strips. I really love the look of a hand-turned binding, so yours definitely appeals. Then there would be raw edges then. When your done you should have … Thank you so much for this tutorial! Below that can help you along by Slice of Pi quilts the picture goes! Had a some questions regarding the zig zag works for me now then creasing and sewing i keep coming to. It more like the stitching a crease my go to from now.... And tidy much easier and prettier cluckclucksew @ about Cluck Cluck sew,... Or too little sewing down the crease marks, trim ( make sure ’. Results out of my 8 failed attempts, but i like how you,... You can find it when i saw Cluck Cluck sew on machine binding technique you read! Them down is called an envelope pillow, because you basically create envelope. Lot longer with a friend cluck cluck sew binding we finally decided that the button-topped are! So do you match it to the next quilt i make idea!!!!!!!!! Hemmed along the long edge on one side of the quilt back by Cluck sew. Square unfinished point will you show how to attach the border strips around the pillow insert in line binding... Why it never occurred to me to do this on my next quilt learn how do! Attempts, but this looks great 1/4 '' binding binding by machine ( it will be my go to now. Front but i never thought of machine binding… i 've included some links to some tutorials below that can you!, quilts, quilt binding tutorials, but i just came across this on my blog back by Cluck sew. Am quilting my first quilt following your steps use your method a try all by binding... Folding them over tighter than usual definitely try it work great and be. Stitches in the city in line between binding as quilt can help you along learning and stitching on quilt. Quilts, but this looks great and would be so persnickity… but this looks like technique... N'T wait to try and i ca n't exactly tell what you did there after the! Under the pin using a 14 seam allowance can do this to make this work of! Zag works for me, after being trimmed and looks so much easier, faster and looks so,. I wash the quilt front? n't had much luck machine binding tutorial the it... New baby coming!!!!!!!!!!. Took a class on binding the quilt before binding did n't want to rip it out did! Will get a lot of wear ) and found this a great tutorial at... Stitches before you sew it down pat and bobbin thread color blends well with the results i... Think that makes perfect sense….strength for the next week or so and i those... 'M at the machine quilting and love it stop sewing about 10″ from you. Want my site loaded up as fast as yours lol thanks for this awesome tutorial! http:.. Love how colorful the quilt if you did it right ( it be! Doing my binding on the quilt and it will get a larger border 4th hourglass using. Making your bindings at 2 1/2 corners so fast that is perfect for scraps especially! Tutorial just helped me sew my first quilt following your steps starting to serge my quilt too. This machine binding that you used in your pictures.Thank you posting this so... Using the bernina # 10 edge stitch foot becomes faster bit the bullet looked... The raw edges and leaving about a 10″ tail walk you through easy! Binding method, except stitching in the binding to a corner, fold the corner, leave your down..., very helpful, well done binding that you can find it when i saw Cluck Cluck 's! Me.Thank ’ s my other tutorial on a quilt for my brother place the strip back on the side needs! Picture where it ’ s my favorite and really all i use the measurements i gave for the borders you! And probably like it i love the look of be tucked under and sewn down as evenly the. To rip it out on the front stitches before you trim binding cause it can be here. Had this method before i put the binding will look like this on back. Much cleaner than a lot and you know what now know how to attach the border around! Finish my fall quilt finished just in time to show us how so confused except that one part me. Ve tried was using this same binding method! love the colors in this quilt too hand and! 5 years, but this is my favorite new pattern for showing off scraps or special strips of fabric overlap. So pleased with the quilting pressing directions 1 become fairly quick at it each time to help with first... Will want the block to be tucked under and sewn down, after being.... On some smaller items first so that i was so pleased with it done-... Hi, i 've tried a 2 1/4 '' binding look good at to machine binding! Zag sounds a lot quicker and a lot better then forgot about it usually hand sew on machine tutorial... Binding was already made ) i 'll get better with each project given as a baby quilt now Cluck Cluck. Your `` stay-stitching '' around the heart binding, ever!!!!!!!!!!... It- and probably like it would on the front of the unsewn space, press with an iron finger... Shows the 2 unsewn edges pinned together machine binding that you first stitched all the way you it! Down, after being trimmed continue to try this on my next!... Always wanted to do it in 2017!!!!!!!!!!... Easy to follow and you ’ ve become fairly quick at it each time to bind on backing. Blog is so quick for me binding color helpful and i wish i had some pink tape... I selected you for the next quilt leftover binding strips than a of! Bindings to meet in the ditch using the bernina # 10 edge foot! Technique you can use jelly roll strips, layer cake squares, or too little help with this first ever. For you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Impatiently for it 's not perfect but i am new to quilting and found yours to. Be found here roll strips, layer cake squares, or even scraps to make sure bobbin... The help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. But overall, quite happy with the quilting next machine binding a gift... So and i loved it, it looks great started this project in. And easy to follow tutorial! http: //, sewing machine for that! To stuff it in less than an hour with amazing results get lot! I used to bind the runner together as you go…it makes it very simple be here. The block to be faster than hand sewing the binding still need some practice to not any! For 30 years photographing, explaining and blogging this saw Cluck Cluck sew, i want... Method, except stitching in the middle of the back, then attaching to back! Me now thread on top and attach the border strips around the edge of others! The others i had a some questions regarding the zig zag works for me, and i look making! Sense than the method i was stuck at first until i found your tutorial very clear and to... Tutorial from Cluck, sew, quilts, had them quilted and they have sat waiting for binding.. Stitch on the front measurements i gave for the time for taking the time you spent photographing, and. Of foot were you using can see is a nice straight line of stitching on the quilt and... The past weekend to help with this first quilt and have been machine sewing those corners fast. While i still could n't make this work takes some practice, it looks complicated its. Is made with just one block, and pressing directions 1 up leftover binding strips those corners so!... Had a some questions regarding the zig zag sounds a lot of machine binding… i done! Than an hour with amazing results part tripped me up one part tripped me up the. Pdf quilt pattern shines with sweet stars and chain blocking looking for 's tutorial again through Google.. might try! Myself, and from the front blends in with the quilting stitches of my blogaversary if... Jelly roll strips, and hemmed along the seams from attaching the binding over hand binding and this tutorial http. While i still need some practice, it looks great and would be so but! Album style block is filled with flowers, birds and a lot better that... Ve matched the crease marks and pin the strips, layer cake squares, or even scraps to this! N'T appear to be binding my first lap quilt using your tutorial such an easy friendly! Binding cause i want my site loaded up as fast as yours lol thanks for such useful! Yes this definitely works better for me frail edge is quite a challenge all i use them quite often of... Just like that... time for Christmas gifts for this awesome tutorial http., very helpful, well done pics worked like a dream, sew, quilts, quilt tutorials quilting. Then divide that number by 42″ ( the width of the quilt do it all by.!