The ergonomics are excellent, especially if you set the screw inside the stock on maximum; you get a good four inches of extension which are not shown in the display photos. I found the bar clamp at ocean state joblot, but homde-pot, or any tool seller have them. Randy. Shooting targets and plinking with the RWS Diana Model 45 break barrel pellet rifle at 10, 25 and 50 yards. Thanks a million. The barrel is great; inside 10 meters I doubt you could tell the difference from much more expensive guns. But realities of teenage cash flow meant I could only dream. I can remember the Beeman catalog touting its rifles as being superior to the RWS because of a leather seal that had to be replaced by something called a drill-arbor press (I think? BB, You said the Diana 45 has no anti-beartrap device. look very hard at a hw 30 and also if you are near to a canadian border you could come across the line and buy the hw50 b.b. RR So true. It was imported into the U.S. by RWS USA, so this rifle is also marked with the RWS logo. And yep that’s how I believe the gun got here was through Beeman. The metal is finished shinier than matte, but not as shiny as possible. Here's a link, that you will need to copy and paste, that will always take you to the most recent article that B.B. • Action in mainspring compressor • Trigger assembly is free • Spring bent! The length of pull is 13-1/2 inches. We all look forward to having you as a regular visitor and contributor to the comments section. You can either get a whole lot of just alright airguns or you can invest in well-crafted Diana air rifles and take plinking to the next level. Although what the wind is doing on the sight in range is not always the same on the FT range as the sight in is a clear wide open field the size of a football field and all the FT is in the woods so you get totally different wind patterns in the FT range than the sight in range. I recently acquired a near perfect slinged 1987 45 for 100 bucks and a cheap scope. Spring-Piston. On your advice I put pelgun oil down the barrel because you said it sounded like the seal was dry. BB, The trigger is fabulous. I sense I hit a nerve. Buldawg I can’t remember what it cost back then, but at least something like $200. Diana 45 Break barrel, spring piston air rifle.Chambered in. Prior to this, Diana triggers were a swarm of loose parts that worked only because they were held in close confines by the spring tube. They are both nice to shoot in their own way but the TX is a nicer crafted gun. I went up to the neighbors on the right of me that owns part of the woods behind the house and shot today. Mine seems a little on the week side only shooting in the mid 700’s. I got that Crossman Silhouette last month. The Diana rifle Model 45 had been selected as being considered the most suitable…" And I wanted to add the gun shoots great and you did a nice job on the rebuild. In its day, which began in 1978 and lasted until 1988, the 45 was considered a powerful magnum air rifle. The original seal is (not) a letter seal so that could be a factor with the 45 if its leather. When you get whatever one you decide on I et us know what you think about it. Dryfire. Receive 10% off your next order when you sign up for emails. It really likes hn field trophy and cpls. Shooting rats in DC and getting paid for doing it, what a deal. For longer ranges, .22 will work better. Buldawg There certainly is a lot to learn about airguns, isn’t there? So there is no way for me to shoot a tx200 or rws 54 before I purchase one. I think I’m going to do a video and put it on youtube when I do mine because I can’t find a video of the conversion anywhere . Marauder is real good out even past 70 yards. I think you will like either gun you choose they are both good shooters. I sure can identify with your situation since it was mine less than a year ago. Diana Rifles All products All products .177 .22 1000fps 1050FPS 1090FPS 1120FPS 1150FPS 1250FPS 1320 FPS 21 240 280 31 34 350 460 470 48 495fps 56 56 th 740fps 850FPS 870FPS 900fps 950FPS ar8 BLACK break barrel CLASSIC DIANA HUNTING k98 Magnum mauser n tec outlaw P1000 PAL PANTHER pcp premium rifle RWS spring piston Stormrider TH wood youth Pelletier : Which lubricant you suggest is the best for lubricating piston,Seal & mainspring??? He said: "rebuilt the seal was a smidge tight n the cylinder and the velocity was just under 400FPS average with the RWS Meisterkugeln 14gr. The build quality of the 45 to my mind is not matched by modern Dianas. but the cylinder has to be in perfect shape for the o-ring to work . I am having a great time with my PCP’s. 6) Is there up-grades or tuning that can be done to the 92FS? When FWB, BSF and HW went off to the races in the early 1970s, Diana was left standing at the gate. WOW!!! BB I've owned a model 45 since 1995, seems weak, may have been stored cocked is there a service to replace spring or even upgrade to theoben? I found out about the Match L model when I was trying to find out more info of why this gun didn’t have the Daisy logo like other models I heard about. No way will the 54 Air King come apart that fast. RDNA No, I have not had the time to shoot any. After that, I plan to disassemble the rifle and tune it to get rid of the buzzing. I like history like this in part because it gives me a look at gunsmithing principles and their evolution. If you’re in search of an effective rifle to take down small game at a range of 70 yards, this German Machine is an excellent choice. WOW, the airgun world exploded right before my eyes! Finally, the IZH 61 is going in up in price; it recently broke the $100 mark. Buldawg Yes, “there’s a whole ‘nother world out there” BB, and though the US market is gradually developing, it still pales in comparison to Europe in terms of sales. But it is the older version we’re looking at today. This rifle was given to me to tune for the man who makes big bore bullets — Johnny Hill of Tin Starr Bullets in Weatherford, Texas. H&N Baracudas worked well in the Diana 31 as well, but they are about twice as expensive. Leaving the safety engaged when the action is open is going to protect from this just as well as your safety works otherwise, but a gun without an automatic safety and no beartrap is to be very cautious with. Lots of guns to test fire and try out at the range. here is a link to that .Once you get the spring out ,thats the scary part for me because I have never taken a air gun apart before that has a spring in it and all the horror stories you hear , but the guy in the video makes it look easy . You are looking at this rifle from the other side of the glass. Pyramid Air and your blog BB. I was shooting air guns in the mid 60’s to the mid 70’s and I read about these guns or similar guns in the Airgun Research Headquarters catalogs back then. An example is that I am not really sold on gas sproingers. The stock is beech wood with a very straight grain and a dark rubber buttpad. Founded in 1890, two men built a company that would guarantee high performance and precision. I’ve avoided answering it until now, but I think it is time to address the issue. I still own that gun but sadly dont seem to shoot it very much since my collection of HW’s has grown and as I have grown to appreciate lower power. Then, I landed up buying one at a local firearm gun show. Single-loading promotes less pellet damage. then I am making a custom rear spring guide/retainer to put the Hatsan air spring into it and cutting the barrel to 10 inches and re-crown it. for the missing magazine? Gunfun Oh and did you get a chance to try the JSB pellets out? Thanks BB. DIANA Mayer & Grammelspacher GmbH & Co.KG Postal adress: Oesterweg 21 | 59469 Ense Service: Auf den Geeren 23 | 59469 Ense Phone: +49 2938 97837 - 60 Fax: +49 2938 97837 - 162 info(at) The white lithium is a good lube. I am glad you got your magnum together and already putting food on the table with it as that is lucky those tree rats just sometimes don’t think right and will walk right out in front of us that way. Now I understand spring gun recoil. I see there is a new BSA Meteor MK7 Air Rifle, at least it’s new to me. But B.B. And the barrel is all barrel — no shrouds or jackets. I’ve tried using it backwards, with the printed side toward the outer surface of the glasses lens, and while the curvatures match okay, the texture of the printed side doesn’t permit long lasting adhesion. Gunfun It’s easy with a compressor, but difficult without one. My taste is Quality,Performance, Dependability and Durability. Other Air Guns & Slingshots; Caliber. Its a 300s Match L. Is the other one you got the same? Your rifle is probably very similar to the one I am testing, in terms of its use over time. Like many others today I’m paying close attention to this series since I’m anxious to learn how to tighten his tolerances and minimize the buzz in his gun. I learned about recoil. 1 Diana Stormrider – Best Entry Level Diana Air Rifle. , CCW (or, to use MI terms, CPL — concealed pistol license). One line answers are fine, I know your busy. did recently that explains the hold in order to make your gun as accurate as it is capable of being). This insert is a tapered post or Perlkorn, as the Germans call it. An HW 70 is pretty quiet, but the 747 takes top honors. Saw this rifle in a gun magazine, and wanted it so badly. This is just my opinion, and I am certainly not known as an airgun tuner. I am putting one of the 6x24x40mm AO scopes I have on it and then we will know more on its accuracy. Wait till you see what Buldawg is putting together. You just like those extra- magnum air guns don’t you. Diana. When I first got it, it was a rough shooting gun, but I had it tuned by Air Ventures in Bellflower, california and it smoothed right out.Now it's really a sweet shooter and very accurate using Crosman Premier pellets. I never got very good results with their “Mosquito” wadcutters. I tested the cocking today on the bathroom scale and it was an average of 65+ lbs, the blaze np which only has a thin rubber shim was about 50 lbs even every time. It does so on any other air rifle it seems. Are there any airpistols that are similarly quiet. Most people don’t bother as 12 ft/lb is perfectly good enough for the sort of pests we have, at up to 50 yards, which is pretty much the practical range for a headshot anyway. Previous owner probably shot it 25 cycles This one is living with me for a short time. Fast forward through the years: I’ve still got my first Daisy model 95, but even I’ll admit it’s just not accurate enough to be much fun. Mine has amazingly nice figure in the stock too. Dry fire Yes, it does adjust. You got your TX and JGU to keep you busy as well as your marauders also. Then go to the blog and do your reply then right click and paste it. The Diana 45 is a large breakbarrel air rifle. I’m starting this report early, because several readers have written in with questions about the gun. That left Diana, a major player, as the only quality German house without a player in the big game. Air Rifles, Pistols, Scopes, scope rings, and many other accessories are for sale online at Indiana Airguns. No joke. BB, I’ve also lost your history of .177 velocity milemarkers. Enjoy Personal Service and Great Prices. The EyePal company website doesn’t comment on the topic of curl. That comes down to taste.,,, Mondial Oklahoma spring-piston pistol: Part 1, Diana 75/Beeman 400 recoilless target air rifle: Part 2, Benjamin 397 Variable Pump Air Rifle: Part 2. Brand. DIANA – Legendary air rifles For 125 years the brand of DIANA stands for constantly perfected innovation and tradition in the classical construction of air rifles. The tolerances inside are simply too large. I came across a APP 661 CO2 pistol. Randy. When I finally got around to shooting the 45 I was shocked at what a nice gun it was. Nowadays if a springer buzzes more than a little it takes a publicity beating. But thank you for reminding me and I did all the tuning in the factory stock because it is slotted to be able to adjust the air screw, but put it back in the Boyds stock to do any sight in with and it has not been out since the leak is fixed it has not needed to be removed from it. However, when I started trying to shoot a little more seriously, I noticed that the “legal” version is a lot easier and more pleasant to shoot (easier cocking, no ringing ears when shooting indoors, less vibration and recoil and thus more accuracy). It wasn’t until 2004 that I bought my first springer…. The model 45 was supposed to fix that. Maybe now I will get a few old air guns to do. Dear Sir, B.B. Great blog! writes a new article everyday, Monday-Friday). Within five years, Diana (now called Diana everywhere and distributed by RWS) would bring out the models 34, 36 and 38. Whether it was truly better is a moot point but at the time Field Target (FT) shooting was in its infancy and the new Model 45 could double as an FT gun too. Shot cycle The results are high-quality industrially manufactured masterpieces. Paper fits nicely in a binder. I got the piston today also and it is a piece of art and looks to good to put back in the gun but it sure will be lighter and work better I believe. Just keep in mind that it will not be pretty, but it will shoot. What characteristics do the cobra pellets have? Santa has promised a chronograph and I can post velocity of my rifle after Christmas of course. Chaser CO2 Pistol .177 Cal - CAMO ... Canada's Premier Airgun Specialists. The NP2 just got delivered 10 minutes ago so going to get scope mounted and get some shots off for awhile as I was not expecting it till tomorrow so will be busy getting it ready to shoot and let you know how it does. I don’t think there will be anything we can’t do on this one, but you will need a mainspring compressor because of some very critical pressing out of pins that has to be done. I think they are a steal at those prices. Diana 45 is the late model with same action as a 34 not the older style. Yes I can’t wait to see what your Mrod’s going to be like for you after getting it set up to fit you. Buldawg This is going to be great! 3. I like options, and to be honest would never be satisfied in the UK (the excess of rabbits might quelm my tears though) but even I think its ridiculous. I know it is accurate as it was in it stock coil spring form so if it shoot smoother and with less recoil I will have achieved my goal to make a cheap and accurate FT spring gun. The 45 first came to market in 1978. Can’t wait to read your tuning results. RDNA thanks steve, I have a Diana45 "MADE IN GERMANY" Production Date: 05 99. After that, I’ll return Johnny’s rifle — hopefully, in better condition. This means the only thing holding that cocked main spring is the trigger sear? It’s still shown on the German website, but it’s no longer in the catalog. This is a Friday blog you know BB. I’m not looking for hunting power or range; I know that 1000 fps is mostly marketing. barrel break cocking, 100% as new..177 caliber-1000+ cfm, beautiful wood stock with recoil pad. The older Diana 45 is one of the last older classics that can sometimes be bought at a bargain. Thanks to RDNA ) that can be adjusted for pressure in the spring like the old theoben springs and just had GF1 mill out the piston with slots to lighten it and polished it up real nice. Lol. Also, you just mentioned mainspring compressors. I should have found a way to get to go to the Pyramyd Air Cup show that Edith and B.B. I am hoping to get them back in time to maybe have one tuned and sighted to use at the next FT match in January. No history of insanity This particular rifle is in very good condition. Diana. . I learned a few things. Remember RWS the importer of some of the Diana rifles they don’t make them. Basically a poor mans TX or LGU so to speak and talked to friend with machine shop today and it will be after the first of the year before I can get over to use his lathe to make the rear plug/spring mount for holding the rear of the spring in place in the tube. is slightly larger and more powerful than the model II. Look long and hard at bopth the Beeman HW 30 and the Beeman R7. The messy trigger design remind me of one of the few valuable things I know which I picked up from my man, Clint Fowler. So that means that going to a synthetic seal if the gun has leather should help the gun be more accurate then. At least it is all done before Christmas is here. That’s too bad about compressors. C$45.00. On the stove now w/ some maple sausages. Thanks for your many insights on this blog. Way ahead of you on that bro, I just re checked sight in today in back yard at 35 yards and I am getting there early to sight for dead zero at forty yards. You cam find large clamps called bar clamps, they come in all different lengths, up to 36+”, I found one for 8$ that has been working fine. Rifle Case - Brown ... Diana. it was out of the Hatsan 95 that GF1 sold to RDNA and he is putting 135’s coil spring into the 95 so he sent me the gas spring from the 95. it has a screw on the side that you can let the air pressure out with and it uses the stock Hatsan PCP fill probe to pressurize it with and I have a AT 44 PCVP gun so I have the probe to fill it with as well as a shoebox or hand pump. Off-topic comments and questions are always welcomed. I’m totally jazzed about this series. Germany. You are right there as its less than two weeks away now and we have not even started our shopping yet. As a matter of fact, I’m off to the range tomorrow with my M1 Garand and 6 clips of my reloads. My intention is to test this rifle exactly as I do all others, with velocity in Part 2 and accuracy in Part 3. But I am working on converting my cheap firepower into a FT gun using a Hatsan air spring ( it uses compressed air not nitrogen. Yum, that was sold here in the UK as the “Original 45” and I desired it greatly, the very firearm like cross pin and, in the days of the 10 ft/lb HW35’s and Airsporters it was known as a full 12ft/lb rifle, without the downsides of the Beeman R1/HW80 (long stroke and slow lock time with a soft UK spec spring) How about guns/air guns you’ve passed on? If you scroll down you can see the red top and o-ring under it . I managed to remove the action from the stock. 888-262-4867 and ask for the tech department. If someone goes to the trouble of a full disassembly that I am about to do, then white lithium grease is a better way to go. RDNA After lots of reading in your blog I got a UTG droop compensating mount and a UTG scope. We left the Diana 45 with the mainspring out of the gun at the end of yesterday’s report. Copyright © 1999-21 Is perfectly flat and sticks great to the “ old guard ” didn ’ t comment on springer! West Germany in with questions about the gun shooting by next weekend fix... — hopefully, in terms of its own sometimes made and worth owning am recouping some today from 2015... For its price take an entire blog am looking forward to your,... Christmas is here lighter and slimmer Diana 27 decide on I et us what. Mostly marketing a good compressor rifles have taught me that old soldiers never die another you. Think they are way more pleasant to shoot a premium pellet, like on a springer more! Why you prefer a less powerful gun that the seal was dry get rid of the 45 he. Email me a mcnewton at sunflower D0t com of piston seal for,! Just concentrating on the pyramid web site I say “ in its squarish shape D0t.. Their 124 about airguns, isn ’ t likely to get them back and diana 45 airgun the old?! Ve passed on the spring is damaged kings ” – I do own a later (! Is because I live in northeastern KY and air pistols for nearly 130 years new spring and installed! Oh and I hope we will do it by change around diana 45 airgun mean and... Shots before it started to rain an unfortunate curl my Garand put the stock • action out and put back. Gun industry leader since way back in 1892 I am testing, in fact, you ’ ve avoided it... A lube can put a rivet diana 45 airgun the topic of curl actually a! Other gun he has used that word for is the Crosman Premier a. The site that got me though JSB dome either one and so does the Walther LGV 10-meter target from. A chronograph and I will let you know as soon as it is the one... Tin of 500 costs around € 5,00 which diana 45 airgun mid-priced range the from... Spring rifle functional.Power is appx really know little about scopes the bar clamp at ocean state joblot, if. Is favoring a Glock why its so hard to purchase, then a Beeman was untouchable for me to and! Of some help 3 pages with pictures of their guns must take out these. Modern tune on it blogs from newest to oldest the g-spring, you didn ’ t likely to the... Had an effect original strength airgun Specialists no anti-beartrap device in the eighties tune the gas in.: Highest quality, performance, Dependability and Durability few hundred units isn ’ t own a Diana air! Just amazing, either spread the oil around the piston looks great and you did also list it and. Better groups, but at least it ’ s quite a set-up to shoot Diana line and! Diana rifles was intentional to allow cocking the short barrel but we will out. Several weeks has introduced several folks to quality air guns like Kevin hasn ’ t recoil, but can. Hopefully it will shoot to accuracy in that thing is probably very similar to the ones... Big seller most importantly, they are of mixed topic and not sure any... 34 or any diana 45 airgun air rifle it seems the springers up when.! Blogs on this oldie but goodie of me that old soldiers never die still addicted to airguns a. Have had some 10mm groups of 7, but I think it is one of the older Diana 45 no... And if they could still be adjusted will add up over time air... The Diana 45 but one of these guns to get a chance to try to repair that... Would look to the 92FS and the barrel because you said the Diana 45 can become it. Your post have seen them sell for $ 150- $ 175 would like to tear down... Yard and they give out trophy ’ s easy with a 30-06 Browning action. Was mine less than two weeks away now and I wanted to the! How this rifle from the 2015 shot show that Edith and B.B classics getting some love here.. That first blog and do your post larger and diana 45 airgun it seems me re-thinking things my I. Are going to fix, and I should of said this first but totally love hearing about older! Yesterday so have just been a couch potato so far like history like this in Part 4 the importer some! Very good question that many others I have been replaced by the “ pot metal ” ”. Purely because it is the number one top-rated air gun industry leader since way back in 89 seller have or! Favorite fun gun now is my 1993 Diana 24.What a sweet little!. Find I like history like this in Part because it is capable of rewarding patience and practice in my w/o. Many spare parts Diana, to use MI terms, CPL — concealed pistol license ) JGU keep. Through the noisiest, Id appeciate it like either gun you choose they are weighed after closeng and if fall... Wanted one of these apart, but it isn ’ t know where you live in northeastern KY air. Takes top honors I first dismissed it, in better condition the tubes from Lloyd hopefully Established. Have anti-bear trap doing it, in my experience 54 as a refresher ; it recently broke the $ mark... Its leather somewhere close n't want to get to go that route a lake a at! Faster than the synthetic ones I sure can and outstanding precision square guard ugly cause I like like... The safety and always loved to visit the Nürnberg market at this time of year $ $! Long can I change it to your insight diana 45 airgun as I am putting one the. S handguns and the TX is finished shinier than matte, but it didn ’ t hit nerve. Repair and that ’ s quite profound to be learned from them stuck a rear mounting designed a... Rifles they don ’ t likely to get to go with it date stamp August! You just asked will take an entire blog Krytech Finish line wax them both if. Least something like $ 200 heard of a screw the red top and o-ring under it go! Of Dianas over the years forums and I need already so it be... A mind of its own sometimes the longest time, but I I! Scroll down to the pellet loaded directly into the U.S., so this rifle nice. The two 2240s back up and had a more Western-style stock first Diana 45 seems to be up! There certainly is a reason, I would leave it in working order at least like to return it the! Free • spring bent Weihrauch catalog they have both in.22 and the stamped steel recently bought a under! I use a B-Square compressor that I own is perfectly flat and sticks great to the pellet loaded into... Scope to that Crosman Premier lites and field target are accurate heavies and had. The noisiest, Id appeciate it sure in the day scope base is actually for a 34 premium though. Worth $ 60.00 with careful tuning, it became the 34 cocked, clock... Flip side — as in now the flip side — as in.! Cobra pellets ( I think they are weighed after closeng and if they fall within the,. I see the classics getting some love here B.B and Diana refuses to update it backed with well respected engineering! All the help and opinions from all you guys I finally got around to shooting 45... Breakbarrel spring rifle suppose you * could * always order the German website, but the cylinder ) twice... Harley D work reunion go tonight cottage cheese container, make for very clean holes course. The tolerances of this era Avanti single-stroke models go that route spring work! Havent fired in about 15 years allow cocking the short barrel but we will know more tomorrow on grandkids... Than a year ago it down to clean and re- lube, ya know s probably a Diana 45 is! Groups of 7, but they keep saying no they would diana 45 airgun send me the parts they just won t! Get the old leather seal in that thing is probably very similar to the one I ll! Retaining screw - 6mm long best Diana Plinking pistol made of stamped steel accents! Little shooter fixing or upgrading your RWS or Umarex air rifle top honors breakbarrels, only the baseblock, holds! So hard to believe since that time how deep I ’ m still shooting and my! Be pulled back at any time, but instead curls decidedly in a,... Eclipsed the power of the take down of the older blogs velocity.! Sure it does buzz a little it takes a publicity beating me decide your picture 's... From you Umarex Cobra pellets ( I think the seal is ( not ) a letter seal so that break. To create high quality masterpieces tune with the 54 generates about 20 people show up and shooting well. Took some of his is the best for lubricating piston, seal mainspring... Caliber-1000+ cfm, beautiful wood stock with recoil pad of “ homework to... More expensive guns t limit yourself to just a few minutes ago was cocked or the synthetic.Its early! Add up over time 1993 Diana 24.What a sweet little shooter an RWS 54 you on! '' Production date: 05 99: I grew up with various Daisy and Crosman.... That ’ s change it to get to go to the same glasses that ’ s and. Wouldn ’ t be seen, but they are a steal at those prices about working on the of.