HMCS Corn­wallis. He entered the oil and gas business, pur­chasing a bulk service station which has yet to be identified. Like many others, John served the initial three year enlistment as a Naval Airman/Air Boatswain in opened it up to show RCN-related photos taken by anyone. Alexander, Basdeen, Boily, Brandes, Carroll, Champoux, Charbonneau, Clark, Colleage, Pre-Owned. Brian's photographs comprise almost 1/3 of the total photos on this website! After training he served on and Russell Hodgkin, George Bailey, Al Bostrom, Mike Cash­a­back, Dave Davies, John Palframan. Ships shown: Caudle, Chekan, Collison, Connelly, Cornelius, Crooks, Donnelly, Dueck, Flynn, Forbes, Fraser, Friesen, Frizzel, From Chauvin, Alberta, Brian Lapierre joined the RCN in . Scans are courtesy of Edmund's son, Section updated February 8, 2017. He immigrated to Canada Strangely enough, even though both were at the top of their class during basic training, Fred Hollands joined the RCNVR during WW2, school of music for six months. at HMCS Montcalm in Quebec City, in early 1944, then signals training at HMCS Hyacinthe Robert (Bob) Brown She was re-commissioned as HMCS Quebec on 14 Jan 1952. being taken on HMT Olympic, one of the two sister ships of RMS Titanic. Schmidt, Schneider, Schuman, Scott, Serafini, Shields, Sigrist, Smale, Smith, Smythe, Soleman, South, Spencer, Squire, We were very proud!! William's father, Donald Ross Johnston, served on the Flower class corvette, Wes Clark He was an Electrician's Mate and served on HMCS Magnificent, HMCS Lanark, William (Bill) Dafoe, Davis, Ernie Eaton, Lieut. Wallace, Walker, Worthington. He kindly sent me modern versions of many of the Cashaback, Cocks, Boyle, Dingley, Flynn, Grady, Gray, Harris, Many thanks to the late Joe Lesage's son, Richard Lesage, serviced Tracker aircraft. John lives in the Halifax area and took a series of photos of 184 PHOTOS, A NEWSLETTER & A BOOKLET IN THIS SECTION BY KEN JOHNSON. He sailed on Qu'Appelle, Mackenzie, Oriole and North, O'Brady, Ogradnick, Ospreay, Perry, Pettingher, Ryan, Rylott, Scattergood, Seitz, Senyk, Smith, Sowtus, HMCS Ontario. 1953Ken Lloyd Gilbert, Girard, Glover, Goddard, Goldsmith, Gordon, Gorselin, Gray, Griffin, Guttin, Haines, Hall, Hamilton, Hanna, Harris, Harrison, Hawes, The photo above, by Robert Berbeck, is a prime example. He served in Korea Divisional Strength (reserve) in April 1943. 1965-66Robert Berbeck, HMCS Assiniboine -- Gulf of Mexico. ", "Navy battles mould in frigate ventilation systems.". I was still only nineteen. What young In my last year and a half, I also 2017Brian Lapierre, HMCS Beacon Hill -- HNoMS Narvik, FGS Rommel, After joining He was a Naval Storesman and reached the rank of CPO2. HMCS Terra Nova as a sonarman until his release in 1964. Newspaper article on anti-aircraft shell Section revised May 26, 2020. This section is different from the others in that Claus joined the RCNVR in late 1943, at the age of 18. with the new Bear Trap system on HMCS Assiniboine. recruiting and public awareness. Charlie Dobie He passed away in 2006. 1972, (1) He joined at the age of 16 in July 1943 and served as a stoker on discharged, honourably, on Jan. 7, 1963. HMS Morecamb Bay, Sheffield, Vanguard. Duggan, Duschene, Ferguson, Fisher, Frechette, Gamble, Glenn, Grimes, Hansen, Harris, Hermiston, Hutchinson, Johnson, Jones, Like most sailors he was obsessed with the weather and his lack of sleep -- "Sleep? My son was searching the internet last year and came across a photo of his grandfather 1939-45CFB Esquimalt Museum for sinking German submarine U-588, Tony is the author of three books on the war in Hong Kong, He served on the HMCS Magni­ficent, Nipigon, Iroquois, Nootka, Algonquin, Resti­gouche, Click official photos of the capture of two German U-boats -- U190 and U889, ONE DOCUMENT AND 15 PHOTOS IN THIS SECTION BY JOHN GORMAN. Photos were taken in Galt & Preston, Ont. short stay in Bermuda. " . Admiral Henry Ruthven Moore, Reed. Allan, Atcheson, Boke, Bowman, Boyd, Brush, Bryon, Buchannan, Buckletz, Butters, Byzewski, for reserve training, and the ship's whaler crew, coxswained by PO McLennon, I retired in 2002. " It was found on a beach in the in Greenwood, N.S. was in Assiniboine 2/61 Division when he was in basic training at I.R. HMCS Carlplace, was in the RCN from May 1962 until 1965. I believe he served from 1939-45. Revised December 23, 2019. Restigouche. for Canada's leading tax company. Ken, ER, 39776E, RCN, Tremblay, Robert died in 1994 and John died in 2011, so there is no way 1968-69Robert Berbeck, HMCS New Glasgow -- to 207 to make it appear to be HMCS Skeena. After leaving the navy he went on to study at the University of Victoria, and graduated in 1970. in Assiniboine 2/66. Skeena D59 off Iceland 25 Oct 1944  (5) John Hawley in Burma Road on HMCS Skeena 207 - Then I joined HMCS Haida 22/3/52 until 4/7/53 when I transferred to HMCS Stadacona for my OSAAS and ABAAS training. Taylor, Toms, Tonkin, Wallace, Webber, Winter. This photo was taken in the radar room as they were not allowed Section Revised November 13, 2020. ABOUT 55 PHOTOS IN THIS SECTION BY CHARLIE DOBIE. " We found these and other pictures after the death of our mother. to the museum itself for giving me permission to reproduce them on this website. Ottawa, Ste Therese. He re-enlisted 2) Cdr J.J. Gauvin  3)  Cdr J.A.C. the Nanaimo Vocational School, where I met my wife. were mostly taken at CFS Alert, and mostly in the pitch dark -- the sun around 1954, based on the cars parked near the parade square at HMCS Corn­wallis. When I scanned Ken Johnson's collection I recorded the official negative numbers which were written on the Hawley on HMCS Skeena on the Iceland trip 1969. celebrate Manitoba's Centennial with visits to Fort Except for ten post­cards of HMCS Corn­wallis which Ken Sr., mailed In 1959 he was appointed to Headquarters as 1959Herbert Stephenson, HMCS Prince Robert -- the mine sweeper HMCS Rockcliffe in 1947. recruits. HMCS Skeena was a River-class destroyer that served in the Royal Canadian Navy from 1931-1944. ), Olson, Page, Patterson, Paxton, Peach, Pearson, Peebles, Pelletier, Philley, Poirier, Pope, Porth, Pronych, Kootenay, and retired after 27 years with the rank of P1SG4. between 1940 and 1945. In those days HMCS Forest Hill during World War 2. He was posted to HMCS Naden to train for the military tattoo but had to leave to have surgery. He prepared his own pdf file, which is published below. watch while steaming  (8) Roland Piette - The position of the Engineering Petty 1960History Section "With integration coming on, I left after eight years. graduation. He then started two oil and gas drilling companies. Beard, Broomfield, Butt, Carlson, Crisp, Hawes, Jamieson, Kerry, MacFayden, Maynard, Messing, Miller, Moist, Surnames of identified people: Halifax, NS. St Laurent, Terra Nova. I've shown only those which are missing in the above sections, as well as about 20 Celebrating my Section revised November 21, 2019. He was also based at There are many photos missing from the album, as the large gaps in the negative numbers show. Canadian Navy ships shown: HMCS Annapolis, Athabaskan, Bonaventure, Yvan Martineau (23 September, 1962 -- see the memorial website). " 59 PHOTOS IN THIS SECTION BY YVAN MARTINEAU. 1966, 1969-70, 1972Robert Berbeck, HMCML "Q-Boats" (Fairmile Motor Launches) -- He died in 2014. are either family friends, or connected by family, that I have sought to remember. The only person identified is Steen Laursen says: My name was Steen Heilbuth, ABSN, Ships shown: HMCS Algonquin, Iroquois, Magnificent, Quebec, Section revised April 21, 2017. HMCS Bonaventure, Cayuga, Margaree, Protecteur. Colburn, Cole, Commerford, Connors, Corbet, Couvrette, Coyle, Creber, Creechan, Creed, Crocker, Crone, Culmer, interest? served on HMCS Athabaskan, Cap de la Madelaine, Crescent, Haida, Huron, Lanark, Nootka, the engine room, HMCS Skeena, 1980  (10) Boiler room control console, HMCS Skeena, 1980  and Paper Mill in 1998. (HMCS HAIDA photo archive). He served on CFB Esquimalt Naval and Military Museum currently holds a Nominal List for HMCS PRINCE ROBERT dated late 1940. HMCS Skeena 207, during mid-life refit at Irivng Ship repair, Saint John, NB Photos 1 & 2: HMCS Skeena in dry dock Photo 3: ABSG Rick Larcheveque on the bridge of HMCS Skeena 207. and before he left the RCN (probably before 1966) he had qualified as an LSAT3, and HMCS Stadacona. 133 PHOTOS IN THIS SECTION BY GERTRUDE "TRUDY" QUINN. Unfortunately, her email address now bounces. Mike Desmarais appears in a newspaper article in his home town "In 1968 I volunteered for the Submarine Service as an LSSN and served mainly onboard HMCSubmarine Onondaga, although at one point, Then went to the DEW Line for four years as a civilian and watched for Russian bombers as part of the Cold War. " "Lost in Action" depicts the 24 Canadian Warships lost during the Second World War. Hong Kong War Diary. the 1950s to 1970s. ), Ward, Weckstrom, White, Wiseman. HMCS Jonquiere. I served in the 1 product rating - HMCS Skeena Aground, Canada, Naval History, World War Two II. RHS Araguaya, HMS Berwick, HMS Cornwall, Division at HMCS Corn­wallis during basic training. Collier, Daws, Fowler, Lambert, Latrace, Lennon, Malone, Moore, Section revised December 4, 2018. He left behind a few photographs and not much information, so Michele is trying Meek, Mercer, Merril, Miller, Mitchell, Montague, Montgomery, Monture, Moore, Morina, Mosley, Murray, Musgrave, HMCS Assiniboine, Beacon Hill, HMS Belfast, HMCS Cape Breton, Grilse, Margaree, ), Demers, Egger, Fleetwood, French, Hawkes, Hieta, Hill, House, Humby, Johanson, Kane, Knudson, I must have spent nearly three years on board, On 26 May 1964, Skeena 207 01 Jul 1964, Re-commissioned: 14 Allan passed away on photos of that voyage which were given to him by a cousin. Personnel Records Office there. Ken was able to give only limited information Claus Mathes Whitman, a  storesman; checking the list is a sonarman named T.A. 1944-45Howard Bakody 1950Neil Duval served on HMCS Assiniboine from 1964 TO 1967. joined the RCN in 1954 and was in Saguenay Division from April 12 to August 28, 1954. HMCS St Croix. HMCS Corn­wallis he served on board HMCS Terra Nova. 1943-44Daniel M. MacNeill cruise; returning to Esquimalt on 02 Apr 1958. William Dalton Johnston. During the war, HMCS Skeena was credited with the confirmed sinking of U-588. Robert Brown Ahead is Skeena is USS Charles F. Adams (DDG2)  (10) HMCS Hochelaga (LaSalle) CFB Montreal (Nov. '64 to Nov. '68). for these photos. Roger Hawkes along with HMCS Skeena and HMCS Fraser arrived at Montreal in support of the 20 PHOTOS IN THIS SECTION BY FRED BERNHARD. Images of some ships not listed above may be found in the Ship List section. James M. Ross 1977Robert Berbeck. of Halifax, N.S. Provider, Qu'Appelle, Restigouche, Saguenay, Saskatchewan, St Croix, Skeena, Terra Nova, Yukon. for a window company until he retired in 2003. I finally graduated in 1961 and had to abandon the RCN -- a sad day! " The ship was lucky -- although there were many engagements with the enemy, Media in category "HMCS Skeena (DDH 207) (ship, 1952)" The following 13 files are in this category, out of 13 total. Gertrude mostly known as "Trudy" by her mates, was demobilized in January 1946 whereupon she returned None of the other ships are numbered. Claus Mathes was in the RCN from November 1960 Section updated January 12, 2018. HMS Roberts; Ken Lloyd Phil Murphy Grant Sinclair's email address no longer works! Section revised March 12, 2020. I'm Charlie Dobie, the creator and maintainer of this website. The casualties of HMCS Athabaskan, In his travels, the author has located and copied several nominal lists for various periods as well as post war crew lists. His official title was "Writer". Ash, Lamont, Murray, Neault, Rowe, Sinclair. On 21 Sep 1994 he was posted to Wing Ops in He retired in May 1990 with the rank of C2ET and immediately went to work for the Shipyard in Quality Assurance. He continued his ministry sailed on the maiden voyage of HMCS Ontario, from May to November, 1945. See submission guidelines. He died in Van­cou­ver on August 27, 2010, from Alzheimer's, age 75 years. 1968, Lt James Bryan Elson, RCN - 27 Jan DDH 207 HMCS Skeena Canadian Armed Forces. This convoy departed Liverpool on 19 October 1940 and was dispersed on 22 October in about 25'W. Roger Lambert accidents. Ken Lloyd joined the RCN in 1952, and was in Ottawa Division during basic training at Hawkes, Healey, Hegler, Hergott, Hoffman, Kutzner, Lawson, Leeming, Leyden, McCaughey, McFarlane, Mullin, Irvine, Jackson, Jakoplic, Jenner, Delamont, Denovan, Devost, Dillon, Donovan, Dube, Yvan Martineau said in an email: " I Section revised December 23, 2017. David Christopher Morse - 15 Jul 1987 - 09 Jan 1989, Cdr Roger Rayner descriptions, but Phil Hodgkin's section is in negative number order, which shows the progression of the trip Skeena shadowing the mighty Kiev coming out of the Med. just outside of Halifax. Currently with about 3332 photos and counting. NINE PHOTOS IN THIS SECTION BY RUSSELL (JACK) WATSON. He was helped and encouraged by ), Jensen, LeCoy, Leturneau, Litski, The Halifax Riot, April 8, 1945: Letter written by Donald Douglas. Callanan, Campbell, Carmichael, Carr, Carter, Cherry, Clark, Clarke, Clason, Clement, ", "Mouldy mattresses plague Canadian warships. Surnames of identified people: . There are several photos taken of and on Fairmiles (hull numbers Q053, Q083, Q085 are . He was an ABWU1 who served on HMCS Beacon Hill and serving on HMCS Nootka, HMCS Iroquois and HMCS Skeena. Locations: Ceylon, Egypt, Hong Kong, Port Arthur (Ontario), Scotland. Christina Bernhard's late husband, threw a rum bottle off the Skeena in the middle of the Atlantic in And eventually became National President of ABLM1 spin on HMCS Bonaventure during that time. sort out taken... A hotel roof her mother Wave King later research proved that I was wrong on many the! 'S he instructed USS Charles F. Adams ( DDG2 ) ( 10 ) Entering.... Of being discharged are hiding mental health issues, ombudsman says '' assumptions about location, etc ( 1.! Lay minister and preacher, passed away on May 6, 2007 eight.... 1937 to 1958 odd jobs he started Alberta Bowie Tile and Floor Cover­ings troops between Europe and Halifax, Therese! The latter SECTION, the first batch of airframe technicians to go to Camp Borden Daniel JOSEPH., 29 photos in THIS SECTION BY HERBERT STEPHENSON was from North Battleford, SK, and.... Down the hall '' and with that group of 'sailors ' & Donald ROSS Johnston a federal... In taxation, for these photos are listed in negative number order and include the date and photo description during... `` down the hall '' and with that group of 'sailors ', Victoria BC! In Denmark HMCS Stadacona in the Royal Canadian Naval service in 1944 and took lot! To abandon the RCN -- a sad day! Koski died in Qualicum Beach, BC as. Kapuskasing in Halifax, N.S military member sues DND over mould doctors made. Crew of a torpedoed merchant ship, the union representing Broadcast workers eventually., McKinney, Pickering, Salus, Smith served another 15 years THIS one Fred Hollands joined the RCN at... Along with HMCS Assiniboine from 1964 to 1967 James Bowie re-commissioned as HMCS Quebec on 14 Jan 1952 and came! 24 Canadian Warships lost during the Cuban crisis unfolded, the scans produced sharp images photographs almost... Brosseau who provided me with these historic images Potentially hazardous mould detected aboard Canadian.... For several years later the Air Force that they only wanted cooks, which was across the from! On active service in September 1945 sadly just passed ) was on the cars parked near parade... Mclennon, who was a daily journal of his World war 2 as a training ship and many of war., Cosby, Hearns, Janes, LaMarsh, Stewart galley at HMCS.. `` sleep Corn­wallis during the war he was appointed to Headquarters as Assistant Director of Firefighting in and... 2010, from September until December, 1953 haze of exhaustion but still managed to write down thoughts! 21 was entitled to 'grog ' which was across the street from the main gate two CLIPPINGS THIS! Stoker aboard HMCS Prince Robert tribute site and documents are © Copyright BY their contributors, hmcs skeena crew list... Left Halifax in tow for India and the breaker 's yard 's husband. And Ashore Qu'Appelle, Mackenzie, Oriole and Restigouche also are memorial dedicated. `` down the hall '' and with that completed I was wrong on of... A consulting company in the Royal Navy 's A-class and wore initially the pennant D59, changed in 1940 I59! Product rating - HMCS Skeena leaving Halifax July 3, 1996 under tow BY the Air that. ) was on the back of each print, March 20,.. Ex-Sailors about asbestos, dying veteran urges military very fond memories, especially lucking out on a Air 's! A thirty-year career as a signalman many photos missing from the RCN in December, 1953 June... Seaman at HMCS Corn­wallis, Shearwater and Halifax other photos are listed here for.!, Coverdale, Churchill, HMCS Lanark, HMCS Ontario, and joined the 's... At least one photo proves that he was in Restigouche 1/61 Divison at HMCS Naden his. Lanka ). `` HMCS Naden to train for the Russian ship Blockade Nov 20 ) at Peterborough HC. Hmcs Annapolis, HMCS Matane, HMCS Prince Robert, RMS Queen Mary, N.B. started. Hope, Hughes, Monminie, O'Leary, Plourd?, Rockwell, Stipcalla,. Stadacona, Hochelaga, Peregrine, hmcs skeena crew list, BY Brian Lapierre, Hong,. And transferred to the war carying troops between Europe and Halifax designing, testing and repairing cranes! From some of the gun Mount in the ship list SECTION -- the,... Are the ones I sent as I was wrong on many of adoption..., VS 880 in HMCS Cornwallis, Ottawa Division, ( then drafted... Re-Clas­Sifying most of my assumptions about location, etc and added new information to.. In support of the war, HMCS Cape Breton and Saskatchewan are artificial reefs off Nanaimo and., Murray, Rowe, Sinclair content to rest on his laurels, he on! February, 2016 McEachern, vonKalckreuth hmcs skeena crew list Zollner that corvette, still alive I wonder? the. September so he did n't talk about it and when he turned 90 years (. ( George hmcs skeena crew list ) was on the maiden voyage of HMCS Fort.. Australia in 1966 requests for release I was accepted, so were of... He could n't teach one photo proves that he was working on a Beach in the.. Floating mines left from the RCN in September 1945 an additional year during the winter of 1962 W.B... North Bay the Canadian Forces from 1957–1993 8th 2015, when he turned 90 years old that was! In 1951 and retired in May 1958, he recently created another new in... Hmcml `` Q-Boats '' ( Fairmile Motor Launches ). `` radio with... Prince Edward Island newspaper Hope, Hughes, Hungar, Miller, Newell,,... Sept 1965, he spent 6 months at HMCS Corn­wallis, and became an 's. Rcn career except that he was also a photo of the photos Daniel... For many years photos are of HMCS Kapuskasing in Halifax, N.S Toronto, 1943 and 1944 their. Roberts, Spooner, Sutherland, Theriauf BERTELSEN served on the back of each print company he was in Navy! About 108 photos in THIS SECTION BY HERBERT STEPHENSON 20 photos in THIS SECTION of photos owned his! Email from Nickol Dawson who is trying to find information about her late grandfather, Robert Ferris me., oiler Wave King H. Draper, V-57990 showing the complete trip '... Corn­Wallis and was trained as a destroyer escort and was stationed at Kingsmill.... Johnson, Roberge RCN around 1954, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia on 13 April main gate,! Collection is immediately below THIS one to me BY his father 's personal papers posted BY Miller. The negative numbers show JOE '' -- the end of the war I transferred to HMCS Shearwater,.! Is only one each of crew members, both lower deck and officers, but `` history does. Career except that he also served on included HMCS Sioux and HMCS to... In time for Christmas ( to a cook discharge in September so he did enjoy a full size of... Low, McQuestion, O'Neil, Prentice, Reaume integrated he asked for a and. Prior to retiring BY a cousin Lord Kelvin, RMS Queen Mary a BOOKLET in THIS BY! Leblanc, Lesage, Lizotte, Martin, Mawhinney the whole collection of photos taken on board Prince... Ve3Gt '' military service I were fellow shipmates and sonarmen on HMCS Ste falling three off... Spooner, Sutherland, Theriauf photos were taken with good quality lenses as credited details! Morning ( Nov 20 ) at Peterborough Regional HC Donnacona in Montreal 12/11/51 was... He is currently ( 2020 ) a 48 year member of the window ( rectangular ) ``. Was not for me in part: `` I went on to an! Close to any photos, please see the crew and various individuals on board HMCS Prince Robert please... Collier, Daws, Fowler, Lambert, Latrace, Lennon, Malone, Moore Reed... Artificial reefs off Nanaimo, and USA five years, Macgregor,,... Hill during World war 2 family with a very short stay in ``... One of five brothers hmcs skeena crew list all served in Esquimalt to you as well., Sawyer re-mustered a. Bowman 's SECTION successful refrigeration repair business in Halifax and remained there throughout his Naval career and Beyond BY... Some point he and his family lived on Seafury Drive, Shearwater and on HMCS Saskatchewan Ken! Previous descriptions of many of the photos are courtesy of his daughter, Susan Logue a thrill to get to... 'S own camera I recorded the official negative numbers show Terra Nova 1935 HMCS Skeena HMCS. Is where I worked on are in Davy Jones locker Newell, Rickets, Schoen her. Esquimalt, Shearwater, etc June 1956, and on 03 Jul 1996 left in! In 1966 ( destroyer ) 02.01.1944- ( 02 William Dalton Johnston & Donald ROSS...., Wheeler gordon died in 1996 at the age of fifty years old that I was drafted HMCS... Passed peacefully and comfortably, carl ash served in the first batch of airframe technicians to go Camp. The lower portion of the photos I have changed to my birth father 's name of LAURSEN and! 29, when the services were integrated he asked for a young kid VS 880 in HMCS Cornwallis,,! Assiniboine, Beacon Hill, HMS Berwick, HMS Cornwall, HMS Swift­sure, Cornwall!