That was back when he turned his back and they killed his cousin Every time i listen to this it becomes more and more insane and the way the narrative evolves is so fucking perfect and precise, and at the same time his flow is on point, and that intro creates such a tight atmosphere. incredible. SpiceyweenTV. so.. i was taking a walk the other day..‍♂️, This song will always be one of my favorite songs ever!! Two extra biscuits, Anthony liked him and then let him slide Bless this man! This song is a message to the kids, the right way is a lot more beneficial than you’d think. Like us on Facebook! PROTIP: But witnesses couldn't prove it Dodged a policeman, workin' for his big homie My single favorite Kansas City Royal from the years 2004, 2005, and 2006 has to be Mark Redman, All-Star. Killin' us, crime, intelligent, felonious He beat the case and went back to hustlin' Opposite way of dogs. 10,000 dollars out of a project housing, that's on the daily See more ideas about perseverance, grit, angela lee duckworth. The latest articles about viral video from Mashable, the media and tech company my ig lit asf read my name its the same as my ig lol. So proud of Slovenian-Croatian team of excellent musicians Bončina-Topić-Ugrin for making it into this song! Kozza. Drove to California with a woman on him and 500 dollars Just remember, what happens on Earth stays on Earth Mr DUCKWORTH, long night? And I am telling you once again Anthony was the oldest of seven Welcome We are Crestpoint Ophthalmics — exclusive USA Distributor for the finest reusable and disposable ophthalmic surgical instruments from Duckworth & Kent®, GEUDER®, and MANI®, along with our own Mr.Phaco® / Mr.Femto® products. See, once upon a time inside the Nickerson Garden projects Southside Projects, Chiraq, the Terror Dome Fifteen, scrapin' up his jeans with quarter pieces How can people tell that this is his worst album? 601 votes, 261 comments. Stuck up the place before, back in '84 Why, why, why, why? One leads to another and then it leads to something else and depending on it you will either be happy or miserable! "So I was taking a walk the other day..........", This man is the best representative of this decades true gen. of rap. The Force is strong with this one. Pure Internet Users Confused Over 6 Digit Code Memes . It's been said that if you tell God/The Universe what it is that you desire, and mix it with Faith.....God/The Universe has no choice but to grant to you that which you desire! Lol just realised Kendrick's last name is Duckworth. (shout out to J.cole tho), the fact that the beat keeps changing up and flows so well into each other just adds more to how fucking brilliant this song is, this is an amazing song just the ability that kendrick has to tell a story is amazing, *you take 2 strangers and put 'em in random predicaments, give 'em a soul so they make their own choices and live with it*, I did a remix on that ;) By Jeff Clark December 16, 2016 1 comment / new. The man who coined the monikers Little Rocket Man, Pocahontas and Crooked Hillary got a taste of his own medicine on Monday when Sen. Tammy Duckworth bestowed … ️ Cast Your Vote For The Meme Of 2020! I make better biscuits than KFC. .....well, God/The Universe, I desire for K-Dot and Andre 3000 to collaborate on a track before 2019 is over! It happens so often for me and its so crazy. 34.3m members in the funny community. Class is not for sleeping! Free chicken every time Anthony posted in line John Dunsworth, the actor best known for his portrayal of Jim Lahey on the cult hit series “Trailer Park Boys,” has died at the age of 71. Mr. Duckworth (Science) dressed as Michael Scott from The Office Yunju Lee (Left to Right) Nira Patel (10), Sameer Chowdhury (10), Hannah Coleman (10), Jada … One curse at a time If you like Mr. Duckworth as much as I do, or even just a normal amount (probably better), Baker posts a lot of overdubbed animal videos — and other good stuff — on his social media. Clocked him a grip and start slangin' Darling, I told you many times BigT November.18.2014 at 6:48 pm The letter from Sen. Tammy Duckworth of Illinois comes weeks after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held what are likely his last meetings with … A Celtics Star Wars Meme post just for fun. Cadillac Seville, he'd ride his son around on weekends Nov 28, 2020 / 12:00 pm / 12 notes #the sims 2, #ts2, #regency, #simbury, #simbury: gameplay, Excellent sampling of Ugrin/Topić/Bončina (September - Ostavi trag) -, I'm literally addicted to the first minute of this song, Drake is king tho dont forget who gave kendrick his first international tour. It might only be a year or 2 but this is still before its time, 9th's drums are jus nasty. The craziest part of the song is that back then you were able to support a family by just working at a KFC.... astonishing, I just finished the album and it is a fucking masterpiece I’ve never heard anything like it, This shit was fire as fuck whoever said it isnt is stupid af. Caught a murder case, fingerprints on the gun they assumin' Prevalent proposition with 9's Through bumps and bruises, heartaches and heartbreaks, the two men learn to navigate the travails of caring for their shared ward, Donald Duck. Know Your Meme is a website dedicated to documenting Internet phenomena: viral videos, image macros, catchphrases, web celebs and more. He worked the window, his name was Ducky [Ted Taylor:] 'Cyberpunk 2077' Players Have Created Some Hilarious And Interesting Custom Characters, Inspiring Memes Online, "You Don't Need To Worry About The Vaccine" Eases Fears As Vaccine Ships, "They Were Both Bottoms" Is An Exploitable Template For The Agony Of Sexual Meekness, 2016 Image Of A Girl Running From A Peacock Lives On In Variant Replacing Peacock With Orangutan, Choose Your Answers Carefully With The "Cancel Culture Gun" Pointed At Your Head. Mr Duckworth claims that the suit is a continuation of the war his ex-wife has been fighting against him since their divorce. Welcome to r/Funny, Reddit's largest humour depository. It was always me vs the world LoL like youre not sad it's just so good it brings tears to your EYES, Fuck.... ️. !, Kendrick Lamar - 6 Foot 7 Foot (Freestyle), Kendrick Lamar - Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe (Remix). It might only be a year or 2 but this is still before its time. 1. He brushed 'em off and walked back to the Kentucky Fried Chicken Federal policies raid buildings and drug professionals Thank you in advance for making this happen. Whether you’re doing Thanksgiving with your family, friends or just trying to social distance, it’s still a day for togetherness. Reverse the manifest and good karma, and I'll tell you why A four-year-old tellin' his nanny he needed her The object was to process and digest poverty's dialect Kendrick told u "children listen it gets deep" in the beginning, Any else hear the last 10 seconds? Budgies live 5-10 yrs, medium birds like conures live 20-30 yrs and big birds like … Adaptation inevitable: gun violence, crack spot Life is one funny mothafucka He figured he'd get on these niggas' good sides The first in the projects with the two-tone Mustang He really can give you everything in one album, 3:33 - 4:09 still haunts me till this day . And, we serve as USA Distributor for Sterimedix®, and Q Instruments® single-use disposable surgical products. You failed! We gon' put it in reverse You failed! Democrats refused to stand or clap for most of the president's State … Shared from: ... Quack quack quack quack, Mr. Duckworth. Even got some head from a smoker last weekend Trending. Oh Lamar, Hail Mary and marijuana, times is hard Crooked cops told Anthony he should kick it license_to_meme. So, I was takin' a walk the other day…. Get started for free! Press the ← and → keys to navigate the gallery, I'm at work bumping this everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By Dan.Ryan December 15, 2016 143 comments / new. Sometimes i feel like something i dreamed just happens. I remember hearing the album the night it dropped and then getting to this song. Laughin' and jokin' made life easier; hard times, Momma on crack This has become one of my favorite albums and Kendrick has become my second favorite artist of the current era.